The Plans have been developed through the cooperation of The Manitoba Teachers’ Society (MTS) and the Manitoba School Boards Association (MSBA) to provide high quality benefits at a very competitive cost for active and retired public school employees in Manitoba. The Plans currently insure over 28,000 employees and retirees, plus their spouses and children.

The Manitoba Public School Employees Benefits Trust governs the Plans. The Trustees, responsible to effectively manage the Plans, include Teachers, School Trustees and Support Staff. A representative from MASBO attends meetings as an advisory non-voting delegate, responsible to keep the Trustees informed on administrative issues that may impact plan management.

The Trustees also employ the services of a variety of professionals, in order to satisfy their fiduciary responsibilities and ensure proper plan governance. A professional employee benefits consultant advises on issues of design, underwriting arrangements, financial management and administration of the Plans. Solicitors are engaged to draft the Trust Documents, assist in contract issues and advise the Trustees on legal issues that may arise from time to time. Accountants and auditors ensure sound record keeping and assist with financial statements, government reporting and taxes.

The end result for you is that the Plans are well managed and, through large group purchasing power, provide important benefits at a very reasonable cost.


For more information please contact your payroll administrator, or Manitoba Blue Cross at:


Toll Free at 1.800.873.2583 (within Manitoba only)

1.888.596.1032 (outside Manitoba but within Canada)